Professional training

Trapping Workshop

All about lynx trapping: 16 lynx experts met in Berne for two days of discussion and a workshop.


In January 2024, representatives of various lynx reintroduction projects in Germany (Thüringen, Sachsen, Baden-Württemberg) took part in a workshop on lynx trapping. This took place in Switzerland at the Institute of Fish and Wildlife Health (FIWI) at the University of Bern and was organised by the FIWI in collaboration with the KORA Foundation.

The workshop covered a wide range of topics. The basics were taught in a theory block, followed by practical exercises. Various trapping systems (box traps, snare traps, remote-controlled anaesthetic gun) and transmitter collars were presented, and chemical immobilisation, anaesthetic monitoring, transport, and possible problems during trapping were discussed. All participants found the accompanying dialogue valuable.

The Linking Lynx network will continue to facilitate the exchange of such experiences and knowledge in the future.