Project Start «Thüringen»

The go-ahead has been given for the project «Lynx «Thüringen» - Connecting Europe's Lynx».

© BUND Thüringen© BUND Thüringen

© BUND Thüringen

The aim is to reintroduce up to 20 lynx into the wild in the German state of «Thüringen» over the next four years. The reintroduction of lynx in the Thuringian Forest aims to strengthen the connection between the lynx populations in the Bavarian Forest and the Harz Mountains in order to ensure genetic exchange and secure the long-term future of the lynx in Central Europe. 

The «Lynx Thüringen»-project is supported by a broad alliance of ten organisations, consisting of stakeholders in nature conservation, forestry, hunting and authorities, and is coordinated by BUND Thüringen and WWF Germany. In addition to lynx from the lynx enclosure in the wildcat village of Hütscheroda, lynx from the Romanian Carpathians are also being released into the wild - two Romanian partner organisations are involved in the project for this purpose. The project is being funded by the Ministry of the Environment with almost 2.9 million euros and plays a key role in creating a population nucleus between the established lynx habitats in Germany.