Working Groups

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Sourcing Working Group

The Sourcing Working Group aims to coordinate the use of lynx from different sources such as ex-situ bred lynx, wild captures or orphaned lynx for reintroduction and reinforcement

In order to achieve a demographically and genetically viable metapopulation of Carpathian lynx, further reintroductions and reinforcement of genetically impoverished…

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Policy Working Group

The policy working group serves as a «clearing house» linking different working levels, from field work, monitoring and research to regional and national administration,

Compared to the management of wolves and bears lynx seems to be the easiest one of the European Larges Carnivores. Depredation on livestock is limited, and bold approaches…

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Public Engagement Working Group

The Public Engagement Working Group formalises guidelines for engaging with people, interest groups and key stakeholders in the scope of the Linking Lynx.

The guidelines comprise modalities of involving people in order to raise awareness, share knowledge and findings, create opportunities for engagement and increase…

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Monitoring Working Group

Knowledge of the status and distribution of the Carpathian lynx is crucial for management implications and decision making. This group aims to develop the foundation for monitoring

The participants of this group work in lynx research and/or management and conservation all over Europe. The main aim which the Monitoring Working Group follows…

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Genetics Working Group

CElynx is a consortium of scientific institutions working on a harmonized genetic monitoring of Central European lynx populations

Reintroduced populations of lynx in Central Europe overall show overall moderate levels of genetic diversity and a higher level of inbreeding compared to other established…


Health Working Group

The Health Working Group unites experts with different backgrounds dedicated to improving all aspects of lynx health.


The Health Working Group unites veterinarians and other experts dealing with different aspects of lynx health. The goal of the group is to upgrade and synchronise…