Health Working Group

The Health Working Group unites experts with different backgrounds dedicated to improving all aspects of lynx health.



The Health Working Group unites veterinarians and other experts dealing with different aspects of lynx health. The goal of the group is to upgrade and synchronise lynx health monitoring, prevention, diagnostics and treatment, for both ex-situ and in-situ conservation.

During the past two decades wildlife health is increasingly attracting the attention of both the scientific community and the public. Development of new scientific methods and diagnostic tools has greatly expanded our knowledge on the ecology of wildlife diseases and at the same time standards for animal welfare are continuously improving and are being enforced by legislation. 

Health issues are an indispensable part of ex-situ and in-situ management and conservation, including monitoring and prevention of diseases, welfare during capture and transport, treatment of ill and injured animals and post-mortem health surveillance. Additionally, health problems of inbred populations and the increasing number of lynx reintroduction/translocation projects are positioning health issues on the top of the priority list in the overall management and conservation of European lynx populations. 

The Linking Lynx Health Working Group unites veterinarians and other experts dealing with different aspects of lynx health with the main goals:

  • To raise awareness among experts about the importance of lynx welfare during the research and management activities 
  • To raise awareness among lynx experts about the importance of health monitoring at individual and population level 
  • To upgrade and synchronize protocols dealing with lynx health, in order to improve standards of lynx health care in in-situ and ex-situ research, conservation and management 
  • To serve as a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience among experts working on the subject of lynx health 
  • To provide support to all lynx experts in health-related issues. 

The Group welcomes experts from any background interested in topics related to lynx health to join our group or contact us with any inquiry. 


Magda Sindicic DVM, Department for game and wildlife management, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine university of Zagreb, Croatia:

Iris Marti DVM, Institut für Fisch- und Wildtiergesundheit, Departement für Infektionskrankheiten und Pathobiologie, Vetsuisse Fakultät, University of Berne, Switzerland:

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